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Consulting Service

Equity and merger and acquisition services

Equity issue - Shanghai's game offers solutions to you.

Equity Incentive -- the main mode

Equity Incentive -- issues needing attention

1, how much is the incentive pool reserved?

2, cash incentive or equity incentive?

3, do not let equity incentives become "mirror in the moon, water flowers".

4, seize the opportunity to implement equity incentive.

Shanghai's professional offers a full range of equity incentive programs to help you implement the plan.

Merger and acquisition consultation

The Shanghai Kensai M&A Consulting Team can act as a consultant in acquisitions or sales, and provide solutions and enhance the value of the selling company in a tightly controlled sales process.

From identifying investment or sales opportunities to identifying target investors and negotiating prices to completing transactions, we will work with our customers on the transaction process.

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