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Company Cancellation

Company cancellation

Why write off the company?
The company must be cancelled because of the business strategy and other factors. If it ignores the cancellation, it will be fined and blacklisted by the government, affecting personal credit.

Harmfulness of non cancellation of company

1. Can not serve as senior executives (not in other three years).
2. Personal credit information black records (national personal credit networking, black records in personal credit system)
3. Unable to handle immigration (when applying for immigration, strict requirements on personal background, personal credit black record, not conducive to immigration)
4. Business blacklist publicity (industrial and commercial credit network, online publicity, ready to be found)
5. Unable to borrow money to buy a house.

Service content

1, Pay taxes and invoices, write off national taxes and local taxes.
2, Bank write off
3, Notify the newspaper and write off the business license.
4, Cancellation of the official seal and so on.
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