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Financial Advisory Services

Financial advisory services

From this chart we can see that financial management accounts for a considerable proportion of the total profit of an enterprise in addition to sales.

At present, the financial departments of enterprises are being plagued by many factors. For example, the statistical caliber of business and financial system data is not uniform, the increasing number of spreadsheets and a variety of management processes and control methods. The experience of Shanghai Kensai after serving hundreds of companies shows that the financial efficiency of any company is generally low, the cost is high and the operational risk is difficult to control. This not only hampers the ability of financial departments to submit accurate financial information in a timely manner, but also greatly affects the operating results of the entire enterprise.

Based on the experience of serving hundreds of enterprises in the past, Shanghai Kensai can design effective and flexible financial functional departments according to the actual needs of enterprises to help companies deal with the complex problems and needs that they will face in the future.

We can provide the following financial advisory services at present:

1. Design of financial process and operation benchmarking to improve financial staff performance.

2. Optimize the financial organization, process and staff according to the overall financial vision.

3. Design and implement financial policies and control frameworks and break them down into related business, regulatory, corporate governance and internal control requirements.

4. Design the overall financial organization, including personnel, enterprise and business unit responsibility settings and shared service financial team planning.

5. Assist in the implementation of shared services and outsourcing models.

6. Design and implement specific financial transactions and reporting processes.

The main benefits for you

By improving the efficiency and efficiency of the financial process, the effective service of Shanghai Kensai can help enterprises to improve their performance:

1. To shorten the preparation time of financial reports and management analysis reports, to improve the transparency and quality of information, and to speed up the closing process.

2. improve the performance management system and budget process, improve the accuracy of data collection and analysis of quality problems. It is better for management to make quick and accurate decisions based on data.

3. Improve the work efficiency of different departments and regions, reduce the organizational costs of IT, finance and personnel; standardize the operation process.

4. Combine financial policies and procedures with the financial and business objectives of the enterprise; improve the governance of the company's internal streamlined business, so as to better control the right to use cash

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