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Account Service

Fiscal and taxation agent one-stop service

One. corporate finance and taxation issues

Two, regular financial services

Initialization of tax (national and local tax reports, tripartite agreements, invoice claims), bank accounts, monthly bills classification, sorting, binding, making accounts, issuing vouchers, statements, books, tax returns.

Three. Shanghai value added services

1) Pre-decision Tax Planning - Shanghai Kensai understands the regional differences and forms of taxation. Before decision-making, Kensai will provide customers with multi-regional and multi-form tax options to maximize profits.

2) Tax-related process optimization - with Shanghai Kensai's tax expertise, to provide customers with the optimal tax-related process, in a reasonable and legitimate premise, for enterprises to save tax.

3) Statement Analysis and Decision-Making - We will issue quarterly analysis reports for decision-making by business leaders, and year-end analysis reports for business to summarize the year-round operation and make reference for the next year's business decision-making.

4) Profit and Cash Flow Management - Always pay close attention to the customer's profit and cash flow situation, and timely feedback to customers.

5) Full-time financial training - do full-time financial training for customers from time to time, so that the staff better understand finance, understand finance, standardize the financial behavior of enterprises.

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