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Registration Of Domestic Companies

Registration of domestic companies

The necessity of company registration:

1, In the industry competition, gradually enhance the value of the company's brand can be considered for long-term interests.

2, Registered companies are more competitive than individuals, with high trust.

3, Registered companies can effectively use social human resources to create value.

4, Protected by law, products can be patented.

Process of registered company:

Matters needing attention in company registration

1, the registered address must be commercially available.

2, handling materials must be accurate.

3, in order to avoid unlimited liability, it is recommended that at least 2 shareholders should establish partnership.

4. The registered capital is the subscription system. Only the capital verification can be completed within the validity period of the company.

5. In the early stage of small and medium-sized enterprises, there can be no board of directors and board of supervisors.

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